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Great train crimes : murder and robbery on the railways
Author: Oates, Jonathan
Publication year: 2010
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Classification: 364.150941
Publisher: Wharncliffe True Crime
ISBN: 9781845631123
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Murder and robbery committed on the railways have long held a special place in British criminal history. Railways and trains create special conditions ? and opportunities ? for criminal acts. Two legendary large-scale robberies took place on the British railways ? the Great Bullion Robbery of 1855 and the Great Train Robbery of 1963 ? and these extraordinary episodes are often used as examples of the ultimate in criminal audacity. But as Jonathan Oates shows in this powerful selection of case studies, most railway crime is less sensational yet, in many ways, more revealing.He reconstructs in vivid detail some of the most memorable cases dating from Victorian times to the present day. Included are cases of adults and children who were thrown to their deaths from trains, decapitated corpses found beside railway lines, passengers who were pushed from platforms into the path of oncoming trains and others who were stabbed, shot or strangled during their journeys and were found dead on arrival. The sheer variety of crimes is astonishing, as are the stories that unravel behind them. As he retells these sensational, bizarre, often ghastly tales, Jonathan Oates gives an insight into the reality of railway crime. His collection is a must for addicts of true crime cases and for readers who enjoy railway history.
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Author: Oates, Jonathan
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