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Tracing your First World War ancestors
Author: Fowler, Simon
Publication year: 2013
Media class: Paperback
Classification: 929.1072
Publisher: Pen & Sword Family History
ISBN: 9781781590379
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As the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War approaches there is a huge surge of interest in the men and women who took part in it. This is a timely guide if you are researching soldiers, sailors or airmen. It is an accessible, up-to-date and expert introduction to get you on your way and to answer those questions you might come across during your researches. In a straightforward, easy-to-follow style the book introduces readers to the multitude of sources they can use to explore the history of the First World War for themselves. - Anyone who is eager to piece together the wartime career and likely experiences of an ancestor who was involved in any aspect the conflict, at home or overseas, will find his book to be an indispensable source of information and advice. In a series of short, instructive chapters the book takes the reader through the process of researching ancestors who served during the First World War, providing short cuts and background information as required. - The book covers the key sources, including the National Archives and the many online sites that researchers can turn to. Simon Fowler also covers records of casualties, munitions workers, conscientious objectors and service personnel from the British Dominions. - -
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Author: Fowler, Simon
Author: Fowler, Simon
Author: Fowler, Simon
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